Over 88,000 persons from religions, residents from Sagaing receive COVID-19 vaccinations for first time

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A health staff injects anti-COVID-19 vaccine into a local.

Over 88,000 persons from religions and residents from Sagaing region have received their first does of the COVID-19 vaccine within a week, said Dr Nyi Nyi Lwin, Deputy Region Public Health Department.
The vaccination programme started with the priority group of people in 25 townships of seven districts in Sagaing region. The first COVID-19 vaccines were given to 88,134 people including persons from religions, people of above 65, public service personnel and public from 3 to 9 August.
“We are distributing vaccines to the townships depending on the availability of vaccines and the vaccination activities were carried out as of 9 August. So far, over 88,000 people over the age 65 have been vaccinated. As of 9 August, around 94.4 per cent of people in Sagaing region received the vaccination against COVID-19,” said Dr Nyi Nyi Lwin.
Sagaign region received its first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, administered to 16,892 people on 3 August, 22,263 people on 4 August, 6,823 people on 5 August, 4,847 people on 6 August, 18,393 people on 7 August, 11,966 people on 8 August and 6,950 people on 9 August.
“After receiving the two dose of COVID-19 vaccine, it can reduce the incidence of disease by eight times. Studies have also shown that people who received both doses of the vaccine were protected against getting seriously ill. That is the reason why we urged people to be vaccinated against COVID-19,” he added.
Authorities have administered the first dose of COVID-19 vaccines in 25 townships from Sagaing, Monywa, Yinmabin, Shwebo, Kanbalu, Katha and Kawlin districts in Sagiang region.
The COVID-19 vaccination was carried out in accordance with guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.—Lulay/GNLM

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