PDF terrorists attack Buddhist monk in Dabayin: Tatmadaw investigates

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The location map of the incident.

PDF terrorists, prompted by NUG/CRPH, have been committing crimes, including intimidation, murder, and abduction of administrative personnel, civil servants, and peace-seeking members of the public across the nation. Moreover, PDF terrorists have committed bombing attacks on revered pagodas, stupas, and temples, which are sacred to Buddhists and have targeted Buddhist monks for violence.
On 9 May, the revered Buddhist monk, Bhaddanta Khemacara, aged 50 and residing two Vasa from KonthaU monastery in Dabayin Township, Sagaing Region, was shot by five PDF terrorists while he was on alms round in the town. Reports indicate that the monk sustained injuries as a result of the gunfire by the PDF terrorists.
The Tatmadaw security forces transported the injured monk to the public hospital in Dabayin, and they are currently conducting an investigation into the incident with the aim of apprehending the perpetrators. — MNA/TMT

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