Myanmar’s Seintalone and Shwehintha mangoes gain regular market share in Chinese market

Seintalone and Shwehintha mangoes produced from Myanmar are gaining a regular market share in the Chinese market, according to a fruit trader at the border.
Of the mangoes exported via the Mongla-Tarlaw route, a case of good quality Seintalone costs 90-120 yuan and that of Shwehintha is priced at 80-100 yuan in the Chinese market.
“At present, we are exporting Seintalone and Shwehintha mangoes. They have a market with buyers. The price is not bad,” he said.
About 700 tonnes of these mangoes have been exported to China since April, he added.
Despite the market share of Myanmar’s mangoes in China this year, overhead costs including transport charges have been rising, while the challenges such as export route and cost need to be taken into account in advance, so only the high quality mangoes should be exported more, he suggested.
“We can’t eat all the locally produced mangoes. So, we export them and it seems that a new market has developed. For example, if we buy mangoes to export, we may suffer losses. But, if a farmer exports the mangoes produced on his farm, the monetization will be quick. Early Seintalone can fetch a good price in domestic market, but in the long run, people cannot afford to buy it as many other ripe mangoes will enter the market,” he said. — MT/ZN

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