PDF terrorists detonate BEHS Branch in Tiddim with handmade mine

The government is making strenuous efforts to improve the education sector for the new generation of children, who are the future of the country, and to ensure that they have full access to educational opportunities, and schools have been open since 1 June.
However, PDF terrorists under the NUG and CRPH terrorist groups are committing terrorist acts in various ways with the aim of destroying education opportunities for future children, creating an uneducated class and supporting them through fear.
The terrorists detonated two handmade remote mines near the school entrance to scare the children who were peacefully studying at the Basic Education High School (branch) (Myoma) in Tiddim.
There were no causality or damage to the school found.
The school has teachers and students totalling 170 people.
The security forces are working together with the public to arrest and identify those who detonated the mines to protect schoolchildren for their peaceful learning. — MNA/KZL

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