People requested to cooperate in arresting terrorists attacking COVID-19 prevention, control and treatment activities

The State Administration Council in cooperation with the people is making utmost efforts for taking preventive, control and treatment measures in all aspects while COVID-19 infection rate is high in the third wave in Myanmar. As the people embracing the frats for the pandemic are actively participating in the combating of COVID-19 in line with the restrictions issued by the Ministry of Health.
In so doing, NUG and its follower extremist NLD members and saboteurs called People’s Defence Force (PDF) declared as terrorists by the government are committing terror acts to civilian targets with setting fire to schools, blowing up bombs, assassination to administrators and members of other parties as well as security forces so that the government’s administrative machinery are halted.
Currently, these terrorist groups commit the terror attacks on COVID-19 prevention, control and treatment activities and innocent people without rationality as follows:-
(a) blowing up bombs at the COVID-19 vaccination sites and innocent people receiving vaccines;
(b) bombing the COVID-19 checkpoints;
(c) committing bomb attacks on vehicles carrying anti-COVID-19 gears;
(d) destroying oxygen pipelines at North Okkalapa Township Hospital;
(e) ambushing the people on their way back from the vaccination;
(f) assassinating members of philanthropic groups which distributed COVID-19 preventive gears;
(g) killing innocent people who led vaccination of anti-COVID-19 measures;
(h) brutally killing innocent people by those terrorists wearing PPE suits as volunteers.
Their terror acts target to collapse the State health sector as very danger for health and family safety of the entire people. Moreover, they staged strikes to spread virus of COVID-19, arranged contacts of infected persons with others, and spread misinformation about prevention, control and treatment activities of COVID-19 with the aim of spreading the virus by applying COVID-19 as a political tool.
As all their acts may directly or indirectly commit bioterrorism harmful to COVID-19 infection control measures, any international community and organizations cannot accept such terror acts.
As such, the State Administration Council opens the files of lawsuit against those terrorists, manipulators and supporters at relevant police stations depending on their crimes for punishing them in order to stop all terror acts directly threatening the public interests, life and property.
Moreover, the government cooperates with international community in arresting the terrorists who evaded to foreign countries and seeking condemnations of the international community against them in line with the legal procedures and diplomatic ways and has sent information to following international organizations, offices and departments.
(a) foreign embassies to Myanmar,
(b) international organizations in Myanmar,
(c) office of the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism,
(d) the ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN Counter-Terrorism Convention Office,
(e) Secretariat of ASEAN National Police Force and nine police forces of ASEAN countries,
(f) ASEAN + Counter-Terrorism Expert Task Forces,
(g) INTERPOL General Secretary and Counter-Terrorism Directorate of
(h) Counter-Terrorism Task Force of BIMSTEC,
Home Affairs Ministries of China, Russia, Laos, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and Thailand and Counter-Terrorism Centres.
That is why relevant organizations and people are requested to actively participate in the activities of COVID-19 prevention, control and treatment and to continuously cooperate with the government to totally wipe off the terrorism and terrorists any country accepts from the Myanmar.

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