Pheegyan and Rakhine banana sales active, Theemhwe sales sluggish

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Two workers carrying banana bunches from a boat to Bagayar banana market.

In the banana market, Pheegyan and Rakhine bananas have been selling well, but Theemhwe banana, which previously gained active sales, has been slow now, according to banana traders.
“At present, Theemhwe has lost market share. Pheegyan and Rakhine banana sales are better. Previously, Theemhwe was the best seller about two years ago. Pheegyan and Theemhwe sales relatively surged about two or three months ago, but they have been quiet recently. It is anticipated that Theemhwe sales will climb up again in the next months. There are not many red banana plantations here, and there is no market,” said Ko Myo Min Aye, a banana farmer in the Toungoo township of the Bago Region.
Depending on the market situation, there is no extension on Theemhwe banana plantation, and farmers have just maintained their old plantations. Due to having no market, red banana sales have been dulled.
Banana farmers should plant about 3,000 banana trees at a plantation, and if there are many trees, banana branches can’t be produced neatly. If so, they can’t offer a good price in the market.
“In my opinion, you shouldn’t grow many bananas. A plantation should have about 3,000 plants so that the trees can produce high quality. Farmers should grow small quantities so that the quality will be great. If trees are enormous, banana branches can’t be produced beautifully. If so, they can’t get good prices in the market,” said Ko Myo Min Aye.
Pheegyan and Rakhine bananas, which currently have good sales, are likely to return to their average sales and fall prices in the following months, he said. — Thit Taw/ZS/ED

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