Pigeon peas (red gram) price hits record price of K2 mln per tonne


On 30 August, the prices of black gram and pigeon peas (red gram) soared and reached the highest in 2022.
Moreover, pigeon peas prices touched a three-year high. The current price is a one-time price increase compared to the rate registered in the corresponding period in 2020, according to the three-year market data.
On 30 August, pulses price stood at K1,956,000 per tonne of black gram (Fair Average Quality/RC), K2,258,000 per tonne of (Special Quality/RC) and K2,025,000 per tonne of pigeon pea (RC), daily market statistics indicated.
The highest prices of pigeon peas stayed at K1,990,000 before 30 August 2022. On 30 August, it rose to K2,025,000 per tonne, said Ko Thet, a trader.
The pigeon peas were priced at K1,977,500 per tonne on 20 August, K1,970,000 on 23 August, K1,935,000 per tonne on 24 August, K1,930,000 on 25 August, K1,940,000 on 26 August and K1,990,000 on 27 and 28 August, respectively.
Following the price rise, 20 containers of black gram (480 tonnes) and five containers (120 tonnes) were traded on 27 August, as per the market data.
However, there is no transaction on 30 August. Black gram RC price hit an all-time high of K2,456,000 per tonne in mid-October 2015 and the current price has not reached the record high. Nonetheless, pigeon peas went up the highest.
Furthermore, there is an unusual case the pigeon pea price is higher than the black gram price in August 2022, Ko Soe, a trader aired his opinion. — TWA/GNLM

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