Pilgrims observe murals of scenes in Buddhology at Pahtothamya Temple

Mural paintings seen on interior walls of Pahtothamya Temple in Bagan.

Visitors can explore the murals of scenes from life of Buddha at the Pahtothamya Temple, depicting the birth scene of the Gotama Buddha by Queen Maya, Buddha taking the road to enlightenment and Buddha cutting hair, an official of the Department of Archaeology and National Museum (Bagan Branch).
The Pahtothamya Temple was built in the 11th century. Such a temple was built of single terrace oriented to the east, with interior design to be influenced from the early Bagan period. It’s believed to be one of the five magnificent well-known temples built by King NyaungU Sawrahan (King Taungthugyi). Some believed it was built under the rule of King Sawlu.
The name Pahtothamya is derived from the fact that the stupa on the top is surrounded by the small stupas along the terrace and the small stupas at the corners, which are the original work.
The paintings portray the sequences of scenes from the life of Buddha. The art of floral design using the masonry, brick art sculpture and statue of two Buddha’s disciples can be observed.
Pilgrims can visit Bagan Archaeological Museum in the west, Gadawpalin Temple, the victorious mound of the palace in the north, Nathlaungkyaung Temple in the east, Mahazedi Pagoda, Thetbyinyu Pagoda and Sinmyarshin Pagoda in the south.—Dipa Lin/EM

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