PJ passport holders who are not working abroad must apply to change to relevant category: ME

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A sample of the overseas worker identification card (OWIC).

All those who will work as skilled labour in foreign countries will have to carry OWICs (overseas worker identification cards). There are also Myanmar people who live in foreign countries with work visas, resident visas and business visas. When they return home and leave the country again, they also have to carry OWICs.
That statement was announced by the Myanmar embassy in the Republic of Korea. In addition, the Myanmar embassy has announced that those who are not working abroad but are holding an ordinary passport should apply for a different type of passport.
When applying to change relevant passports, if the person is studying, they have to carry a PE type. If the person is married to a foreigner, they need to change to a PT type. The applications will be verified by the Myanmar Embassy. — TWA/KZW

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