PJ passports and OWIC cards for Myanmar citizens in Thailand to be issued within one day

A sample passport with a PJ (passport for job) type.

Myanmar citizens who want to make new PJ passports will get OWIC cards within the day commencing on 7 November, announced the Myanmar Embassy in Thailand on 31 October.
A technological software package has been installed in the Myanmar Embassy for Myanmar citizens who will be making new PJ passports. For the passport and the OWIC card, new passport applicants must show a payment receipt for 1,050 Baht through the Bangkok Bank account number 101-3-481922. Applicants need to complete the form: names of family members, addresses, phone numbers, and the name of the company they work for in Thailand. Furthermore, new passports will have to be taken out from the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok and the OWIC cards from the Temporary Data Collection Centre-TDCC office in Mahachai within a week. A factory representative can collectively extract the cards for its workers by showing the list of factory workers at the TDCC office.
According to the announcement of the Ministry of Labour issued on 6 September, Myanmar citizens who are going to work in foreign countries will be able to travel to foreign countries through airports and land borders only if they have OWIC cards issued by the Ministry of Labour. — TWA/GNLM

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