Plan underway to provide land compensation for Seikkyi Khanaungto bridge project


A plan is underway to provide the land compensation to the landowners whose land were involved in the project areas to implement the Seikkyi Khanaungto bridge linked between Dala and Seikkyi Khanaungto townships in the Yangon region.
Currently, the Seikkyi Khanaungto Township Land Compensation Committee has announced that they are providing the land compensation to the landowners of plots No 285-291, No 297-305, No 398-402, No 437-453, No 479-487, No 496-500, No 564-574 from No 2 ward in the project area.
Besides, the committee has also requested that the landowners need to send the original document of the land to the township general administration department.
“They will provide the land compensation to the 65 area plot of land. These are plots of land that have been set by the housing department. The lands, which were confiscated, will be scrutinized before giving the compensation. Each land will be worth at K11 million. Those lands are from Seikkyi Khanaungto township,” said an official from Seikkyi Khanaungto township general administration department.
“There is only about K10 acres plot of lands in Dala-Twantay areas. Those lands are owned by the farmers. We heard that the authorities will pay around K10 million per acre for compensation. We don’t hear any objection voice from our Dala side,” said U Tin Aung, a resident from Dala Township.
Twantay Canal crossing bridge connecting Seikkyi Khanaungto township with Dala township will be a two-lane reinforced bridge. It will be 2,542 feet long with a 740-metre long and 10-metre-wide main bridge. The estimated cost of the project is K 28 billion. The Bridge Construction Task Force from the Ministry of Construction constructed the bridges in the 2019-2020 financial year. — Ko Naing (Bago)/GNLM

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