Poet Maung Hmine Lwin (Inwa) passes away

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Poet Maung Hmine Lwin (Inwa) (aka) U Tin Aye Kyu passed away in Bangkok, Thailand, on 20 December at noon, according to his family.
The poet was born in TadaU Township of Mandalay Region and joined RIT, Yangon in 1969. Before his school days at RIT, he started writing poems in the 1960s. He was politically active throughout his student life. He wrote novels and poems under his pen names Ko Tin Aye Kyu, Pyi Kaung Aung, Maung Hmine Lwin (Inwa), Ko Hmine (Inwa) and Audiaw for magazines of the University of Yangon, RIT, Pae Tin Than, Thint Bawa, Pay Phuu Hlwa, Kalya, Yokeshin Tay Kabya, Aung Pinlal, Padauk Pwint Thit and Yanant Thit. He published five books under the pen name of Maung Hmine Lwin (Inwa) and his book “Myin Khwa Ta Chat Pauk Yin Mee Hone Hone Tauk Say Mae” published in September 1973 became famous. He also contributed to the anniversary magazine of RIT, Pae Tin Than, Thint Bawa, Pay Phuu Hlwa, Kalya, Yokeshin Tay Kabya, Aung Pinle, Padauk Pwint Thit, Yanant Thit, Ludu Pone Yake, Hlat Ta Pyat, Shwe Mandalay, The News, Myananda, The Call journals. He was also a higher-grade pleader in 1982 while he was writing articles and poems for magazines and journals.
He also participated in political events and talk shows in Mandalay. The RIT alumni and Yangon-Mandalay writers and poets in Yangon and Mandalay expressed their sadness on social networks. The poet’s funeral will be held in Bangkok of Thailand on 21 December, according to his daughter.
He was 72 and lived at the corner of 32 and 75 streets in Mawyagiwa Ward of Chanayethazan Township of Mandalay. He is survived by his wife and two children.—TWA/KTZH

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