Polish own images to fresh the society

Humans are different in facial and physical features as well as concepts, attitudes and mindsets as a nature of the living world. Those who culture good morale and white souls have higher living standards in their lives. Even though their living standard is not high, their mental situation can be strong. On the other hand, those grasping bad minds and bad manners can possess lower living standards without free happiness even though they live with high living standards.
If so, everybody can take a lesson from the aforesaid proposal that only when anyone forges good morale will they enjoy the fruits of their good deeds. As such, everybody wishing to possess good results should choose the options they like to build their lives.
The mind can change from one to another in a short period. Hence, such a mind can bring various changes from good situations to bad and from bad situations to good ones in a minute. So, the Lord Buddha preached that the mind can change crores of crores events in a short time.
Moreover, physical situations are based on changes of mind. As such, everybody needs to analyze their minds continuously and control them not to bring any bad manners. If so, their physical and facial features will be clean and pleasant.
Those who give a helping hand to others sympathize with others, keep morals with delightedness at others’ successes and do not have any conceit will have many good friends and will be clean in faces and minds. In fact, everybody needs to culture dispersing of compassion for all without discrimination against any others.
Those who commit bad manners against others, discredit others’ images and destroy or disturb the businesses of others will surely face similar impacts on their lives with sufferings and plights based on varieties of frets. Consequently, they will suffer from ageing in physical structures and mental problems.
The secular world admits both the persons bearing good and bad mental attitudes and physical features, some of them do not have both good things but possess one good thing. Likewise, some of them occupy both bad things with an eagerness to make trouble for others. Actually, mental whiteness is more important than physical ones. Only when the persons polish their mindsets will be deserved to possess blessings of the Universe.
Naturally, everybody makes up themselves to have youthfulness. So also, they have to polish their mindset to be better. Only when the persons can possess both physical and mental goodness will they have the capacity to fresh their lives.

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