Political unrest stalls State’s economic progress

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing emphasizes lawful management of trade with foreign countries and swift action against violators

The government needs to create the chance for the people to work at home peacefully, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aug Hlaing at the meeting with region and state chief ministers and chairmen of self-administered zones and division at the SAC Chairman Office in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday afternoon.
In his address, the Senior General stressed the government in its term legally solved political conflicts triggered by different political attitudes but

the situations based on political conflicts delayed the economic development of the State.
The Senior General urged students, parents, teachers and administrative officials to create an environment for students to pursue education at monastic education schools and basic education high schools as well as advanced schools in a safe and secure situation.
With regard to the role of teachers, the Senior General requested the teachers to teach students to have comprehensive knowledge of school education in addition to other necessary correct attitudes.
The Senior General pointed out that the students who have completed the agriculture, livestock and mechanical subjects at BEHSs in 50 districts will have the capacity to improve their lives whereas the country will have the human resources which will contribute to the manufacturing sector.
In the production sector, the Senior General called for operating the firm manufacturing businesses based on agriculture and livestock farms in regions and states, adding that authorities have to encourage the production industries for serving the interests of the majority of the people rather than the minority.
With regard to land utilization, the Senior General stressed the need to prevent the loss and reduction of cultivable lands, urging all to strictly supervise the farmers not to use cultivable lands in other ways.
The tourism industry defined as a smokeless industry must be encouraged for serving the interests of relevant regions through the arrivals of local and foreign travellers. Moreover, it is necessary to support garment industries which can create a large number of job opportunities as well as increase the incomes of individuals.
In the labour sector, the Senior General underscored that as the number of people go abroad to work, some parts of Myanmar face a shortage of labour. Hence, he continued to say that the government needs to create a chance for the people to work at home peacefully.
The Senior General instructed officials to restrict tax evasion of some taxpayers and to restrict the manipulation of land plots under the farmland laws.
Region and state chief ministers and chairmen of self-administered zones and division reported on the progress of relevant regions in agriculture, livestock and manufacturing with endeavours of peace and stability.
SAC member Lt-Gen Moe Myint Tun and Union ministers presented clarifications on the import of fertilizers, assistance for the development of agriculture, livestock and manufacturing sectors, formation of cooperative societies and creation of jobs.
In conclusion, the Senior General stressed the need to correctly manage trade with foreign countries under the law and take action against the offenders. Increased incomes of individuals can reduce poverty. He urged all to help students to correctly learn education this academic year to continue their learning to one more grade and increase the enrolment rate. Encouragement must be given to the students who learn agriculture, livestock and industrial subjects, the Senior General noted. — MNA/TTA

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