Preservation projects in Bagan Ancient Cultural Zone to complete ahead of rainy season

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Officials and experts inspect preservation and maintenance works for ancient religious buildings in Bagan.

According to the Department of Archaeology and National Museum (Bagan branch), specific preservation projects to maintain the ancient religious buildings in the Bagan Ancient Cultural Zone are scheduled to be completed before the rainy season.
Preservation work is underway at Pagoda No 534, Shin Arahan Brick Temple inside the Ngetpyittaung Pagoda precinct, Pagoda No 161, which suffered damage from heavy rain, and Lawkapwintlin Temple. These projects are planned for completion before the onset of the monsoon.
“The preservation and maintenance efforts for more than 3,000 religious buildings in the Bagan Ancient Cultural Zone are funded by the Union Budget, regional government funds, and ministry-allocated funds provided by the ministry for each financial year. Projects to complete maintenance work before the monsoon include restoring mural paintings at Pagoda No 534 Sapwetin Pagoda. The four Buddha statues at Pagoda No 534 retain their 13th-century art.
”The cleaning work is underway inside and outside the Shin Arahan Brick Temple located within the Ngetpyittaung Pagoda precinct, with the bird statue painted in original colours. Additionally, the cave ceiling of Lawkapwintlin Temple will be fixed, and maintenance work at Pagoda No 161 will be completed before the monsoon,” stated an official from the department. Furthermore, archaeologists from Myanmar and Italy are jointly researching the Bagan era’s water supply and drainage system. — ASH/TMT

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