Press release issued on strong condemnation of terrorist acts of CRPH, NUG and PDF terrorist groups

Terrorist groups CRPH, NUG and PDF continue terror acts undermining peace and stability of the State and the rule of law with attempts to meet the political targets based on their interests. In such doing, those terrorists kill innocent people accused of informants, open fires at dutiful public service personnel, set fire to education and health-related buildings and blow up mines without considering the humanitarian instead of attacking the military targets. Not only Myanmar but also global countries set education and health sectors as the most important for their states and place emphasis on these sectors. According to international standards and ethics, it is unacceptable for committing terror acts to harm these sectors.

Since 1 February 2021, the State Administration Council has been implementing the five-point road map and political, economic and social objectives steadfastly since 1 February 2021 when it temporarily took sovereignty of the State in accord with the Constitution (2008) for standing tall among the global community. In this regard, a policy was adopted that nothing is more important than human life concerning the infection of COVID-19 the country is facing to vaccinate the people above 18 years old regardless of race, religion and gender in various ways and means, accounting for more than 50 per cent. Basic education schools closed for infection of COVID-19 were soonest reopened for students not to lose the learning opportunity. A plan is underway to reopen universities soon. Students above 12 years old are vaccinated for prevention of the infection of COVID-19 during the learning, and more plan was set to vaccinate students of universities to be reopened.
Although the State Administration Council is placing special emphasis on education and health measures which are important for the State, CRPH and NUG terrorist groups and their subordinate PDF terrorists intentionally assassinate and commit terror attacks on education and health personnel who did not hold any arms. In so doing, nurse Daw Chan Mya Nyein and her husband from Chanmyathazi Township of Mandalay Region were assassinated by PDF terrorists on 12 December morning. Hence, dutiful health staff Daw Chan Mya Nyein was dead with injuries. Mine and bomb attacks of those terrorists destroyed 473 schools, and 14 education staff were dead in the assassination, leaving 23 injured from 1 February to date. Those terrorists blew up 25 hospitals and clinics, leaving four health staff dead and 12 injured, as a great loss for the State.
The State Administration Council strongly condemned the terrorists for their violent attacks and assassination to dutiful education and health staffs dedicated to the improvement of a single party they support. Moreover, those terrorists are warned to compulsorily stop terror acts against innocent ethnic national people including the attacks on members of the Sangha and places. If they continue terror acts, severe action will be taken against them under the law through fully collaborated efforts of the people and security forces. — MNA

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