Press Release on terrorist groups’ arson and bomb attacks at schools

Mezalican NS
Ravages in the aftermath of arson attacks.

The primary need for the development of the country and the improvement of social life is to improve the education sector. Every country in the world focuses on education to develop a new generation of talented young people in building a future nation. The Government had to shutter the schools for the 2019-2020 academic year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting the country, students and parents in many ways.
The State Administration Council is overseeing the reopening of schools nationwide from 1 June following the COVID-19 Prevention, Control and Treatment Regulations during the period of adequate control of the COVID-19 disease to prevent further loss of education. Enrolment of students is being accelerated at present.
Preparations are underway in order to ensure students can study safely, distribute free textbooks, teaching aids and masks, face shields to protect COVID-19, and install handwashing facilities at schools.
However, politically extreme terrorist groups, who wish to destroy national interests, instigate teachers and education staff to join CDM and threaten, with death, those who do not do so. Innocent young students are forced to drop out of school.

From 1 to 26 May, a total of 18 arson attacks, 115 times of bombings and attempted bombings occurred at basic education schools and universities across the country. Moreover, they commit vulgar acts that are unacceptable to any civilized society, such as sticking texts against the school attending and drawing threat messages using spray paint.
When the international community is not accepting or condemning such acts of vandalism, they are becoming more and more like extremist terrorist organizations in order to destroy the educational aspirations of future youths. The majority of the parents and the public are protesting against such activities and the organizations behind them.
Therefore, as the State Administration Council seeks to reopen schools, terror acts of insurgent groups will not be tolerated. Those who disrupt the reopening of schools will be taken effective action in cooperation with the people.
Information Team
State Administration Council

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