Price of potato, Shan garlic sluggish despite high prices of Kyukok onion

Onion and Kyukok garlic market prices soared up in the Yangon Wholesale Market on 1 September 2022, said Ko Aung, a trader from the Nyaungpinlay market.
On 1 September, the wholesale prices of Seikphyu onion varied between K2,600 to 3,250 per viss (a viss equals 1.6 kilogrammes) and the Monywa onion prices moved in the range of K3,000 to K3,650 per viss, depending on different varieties, whereas the Kyukok onion price reached to K4,900-5,000 per viss. Compared with the prices on 30 August, the prices of Seikphyu onion, Monywa onion and Kyukok onion have risen to K1,250, K550 and K500 per viss respectively.
As onion prices have been rising for four consecutive days since 29 August the prevailing prices of onions from Seikphyu and Monywa Townships on 1 September are K450 and K750 per viss separately, thus higher than the prices of those on 29 August.
Local retailer Ko Zaw Aung commented that the prices of special-sized large onions and Kyukok onions are only K1,950-2,000 and K3,400 per viss on 1 August. However, their prices soared up to K1,650 and K1,500 per viss each.
The prices recorded in the same period of 2020 and 2021 (1 September) were K475, K450 per viss for large onions, and K1,800, K4,800 per viss for Kyukok onions. Therefore, the onion price on 1 September 2022 reached up to eight times the prices of the same duration in 2020 and 2021. Although the price difference of Kyukok onion is less than the same period in 2021, it was more than double the price in 2020.
Onion merchants give remarks that the highest wholesale market price of large onions, which was K3,700 per viss in early December of 2015 and 2019, will happen again these days and a new price record will be expected three months earlier than the previous years.
There are only potatoes from China in the market, since potatoes from Aungban Township, Shan State are low in price. China potatoes were priced at K1,950-2,000 per viss in the Yangon potato market on 1 September. The price for Shan potatoes is not set because of the lack of importation.
“Though the price of Kyukok garlic which is a border import good, surged in the market due to the rise of foreign currency exchange rate. The local product, Shan Aungban garlic prices are stable in the market on 1 September,” said Ko Thein Myint, a potato and garlic retailer from Yaytama Road. — TWA/GNLM

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