Price of Yingwe mango weak in domestic market

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A shopper is pictured buying mangoes in the market.

Some farmers said that due to the rains in southern Shan State, the price of Yingwe mango for export and sale in the local market is only around K10,000 per patch.
At present, only Yingwe mangoes are produced, and most of them are conveyed to the Yangon market.
“The rains are heavy and the fruits are falling. The price is not good. It is lower than the previous year,” said a mango farmers based in Yatsawk.
“We only exported mangoes such as Seintalone and Machitsu to China, while Yingwe mangoes rely only on the Yangon market and do not get a good price because of their quality,” said farmers.
The price of a patch of 60 mangoes is only around K10,000, and the price decreased from around K20,000 last year.
In addition, some of the newly ripe mangoes are falling as heavy rain hit the Shan State.
Farmers said that there is little profit in the mango market this year over the situation of not being able to export to China and not buying it.— TPT/GNLM

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