Prices of kitchen goods drop in few days

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A retail outlet is pictured with kitchen goods.

The prices of some commodities increased in the Yangon market starting from 20 August, and some fell again after the price hike.
The market operators said that the prices of potato, chilli pepper and sugar are falling again.
Ko Hla Han from the chilli pepper market told the GNLM that among the decreased prices of some commodities, the price of pepper fluctuates over K1,000 per viss.
It is the nature of the market that commodity prices go up and down as well. When the price is high, the demand tends to decrease and the price tends to decrease due to the emergence of new crops of similar products, the GNLM quoted Ko Thet, who sells goods to the area, as saying.
On 8 August, the wholesale price of frozen Moe Htaung chilli pepper rose to K18,500-19,000 per viss and the price fell again later that day.
On 20 August, the wholesale price of refrigerated Moehtaung chilli pepper is only K16,000 per viss.
In the same way, Panye and Hmyani long chillies were wholesaled at K17,000-18,000 per viss, but the price was only K16,000 on 20 August but the buyer paid only K14,000 per viss.
The price of green chilli pepper rose to K16,500-17,000 per viss but it is only K15,000-16,000 per viss at present. Ko Hla Han said that the chilli pepper market was the seller’s favourite market in early August but since the end of the second week it has been the buyer’s favourite one until the present.
On 18 August, the wholesale price of Chinese potato rose to K2,400 per viss but on 20 August the wholesale price of pomegranate was K2,150 per viss, Ko Kyaw Myint from the Nyaungpinlay Market told the GNLM.
Ko Kyaw Myint continued that on 17 August, the wholesale price of Kyukok potatoes rose to K4,100 per viss. In August, the price of small bags was K3,900 a viss and large bags were only K3,850.
The wholesale price of sugar, which was as high as K2,240 per viss, is sold at a lower price of K2,200 per viss these days, a local commodity buyer told the GNLM.
Due to the resumption of wet conditions, the prices of sugar in the Yangon market have dropped.
A viss of sugar is sold for K2,240 in the Yangon market, and the transport cost by train to Yangon is around K60 for one viss.
In the Yangon market, when sales are low during the rainy season, those who own the stored sugar that they bought at a low price will get big profits by selling it at a reasonable price, the GNLM quoted Daw Nyo, the sugar seller, as saying.
Most of kitchen goods prices including onions and edible oil have not decreased but the drop in the prices of sugar, chilli pepper, and potatoes means that consumers can save money when buying kitchen goods, said Daw Yong, who is shopping at the Nyaungpinlay Market. — TWA/GNLM

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