Promote security for staff to eradicate illegal trade


The battle against illegal trade is being vigorously pursued by the Illegal Trade Eradication Steering Committee, which has established specialized task forces at various levels to address the issue in different regions and states. These task forces collaborate closely with relevant departments and security agencies on the ground to ensure a seamless process of identifying, seizing, and apprehending offenders involved in illegal trade activities.
Personnel deployed at key checkpoints and tollgates play a crucial role in inspecting and searching for illegal trade and contraband. However, their dedication to duty often exposes them to resentment and hostility from certain unscrupulous businesspersons. Consequently, it becomes imperative for authorities to provide comprehensive protection for these personnel, safeguarding them against potential dangers and obstacles.
Illegal traders, by nature, are not known for their honesty and transparency. Their actions deviate from legal procedures, prompting them to resort to illicit practices to bypass checkpoints and inspection teams. In some cases, these individuals may even resort to hostile behavior when confronted by personnel tasked with checking illegally imported goods or illicit materials. Thus, ensuring the safety and security of these assigned personnel throughout their work procedures becomes paramount.
State service personnel must remain vigilant against the potential threat of terrorists who seek to disrupt the peace and stability of the state. Security awareness and knowledge need to be heightened to address the unscrupulous actions of businesspersons involved in the illegal importation of goods, evading the payment of rightful taxes to the state.
To combat illegal trade effectively, collaboration and cooperation must be strengthened among union ministries, regional governments, and state authorities. Collective action is required to combat the illegal extraction of natural resources within the country. Legal bodies should establish information networks to promptly identify and apprehend individuals engaging in illegal trade practices.
Implementing an e-lock system and a nationwide import declaration is essential, coupled with ongoing improvements to online systems. Additionally, measures must be taken to preserve the integrity of seized objects. It is crucial for all assigned personnel and officials to avoid information leaks that could compromise operations aimed at seizing illegally smuggled goods.
It is imperative for all staff involved in the eradication of illegal trade to recognize the risks associated with accepting bribes. Emphasizing the avoidance of bribery in their procedures, officials and personnel from special task forces must prioritize the inspection, confiscation, and apprehension of illegal goods and traders, aligning their efforts with the interests of the state and collaborating with local authorities and citizens as a national duty.

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