Promoting yam eating culture in Myanmar to develop domestic market

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Ceremony for value-added manufacturing development workshop and the establishment of Mon State Konjac Producer and Exporter Association in October 2023.

The Myanmar Konjac (elephant foot yam) Producer and Exporter Association says it is planning to promote a culture of eating yam food among the local people.

“People eat elephant foot yam for health in Japan and China. Yam food stuffs are also manufactured and sold. During these days, the export of elephant foot yam has dropped, so we aim to promote a domestic culture of eating yam food as an opportunity for elephant foot yam farmers and traders,” said an official from the association.

Elephant foot yam was exported during Covid-19 pandemic period, but it has recently declined.

“At present, yam tubers are mainly exported to China. Since China has specified the GACC requirement, we need to apply for it. The application process is almost complete. Small and medium food enterprises in the local market will understand how elephant foot yam can be used, what products can be produced, the nature of yam and the consumption culture. It can create a domestic market for yam growers,” he said.

The Myanmar Konjac Producer and Exporter Association was founded with major yam growers in 2016 and it is an organization that covers all areas of the nation.

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