Protesters rioting on streets arrest police, carry out unlawful activities

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A police officer namely Naing Lin Aung from Mupon Police Station in Mawlamyine, Mon State, was arrested by a crowd of protesters as he was carrying out security duty with a civilian dress yesterday afternoon. His one point-38 revolver and 18 bullets were also robbed by the protesters.
Following the information on his arrest, local security forces rescued the police officer at 5 pm. On the way back along with the police officer, a mob attacked the security forces with slingshots and stones and the security forces dispersed them.

Measures are also being taken to get the arm and bullets seized by the protesters.

Similarly, four policemen led by Police Officer namely Kyaw Myint from Yangon Region Southern District Police Force were arrested by a crowd of protesters rioting in Thakayta Township on their way back from Thanlyin along with 20 Sound Six Bang and lunch boxes on their car.

They were stopped and searched at the Yanpyay 3 Street in Thakayta Township by a mob armed with sticks and swords.

After the search, the police were tied and brought to the Office of the Free Funeral Service Association on Yanpyay Street. The rioters make the tyres of the car flatten. After getting information from a local townselder, the security forces went there about 2:30 pm and brought back the police and items seized by the rioters.

Besides, a white light truck ran over a police intentionally as he was working to disperse the crowd near the Mala Bus Stop on Pyay Road in Kamayut Township.

The policeman got injuries and was taken to the Tatmadaw Hospital in Dagon Township.

Similarly, five police in a Mark-II car were attacked by over 200 rioters with stones at the corner of 63rd Street and 107 Street in Mandalay and the car was also stopped.

The car was damaged and the police were held at the a religious building. Following the information on the incident, the security forces arrived at the scene and found the damaged car along with ammunition in it.

Afterwards, the security forces brought back the police after negotiation. To respond to the rioters who attack the security forces during that incident, the security forces had to dispersed the crowd by following the steps and procedures for dispersing crowds with the use of minimum force. Some members of the security forces got injuries in the incident.

Besides, CCTVs installed in several places of Mandalay are destroyed by rioters.

The protesters rioting on the streets yesterday in towns threatened and detained the police who are enforcing the rule of law for community peace.
The towns where such incidents happened yesterday have been placed under the Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code which ban gathering of five and above people.

The police are taking necessary measures to arrest those who involved in riots.—MNA

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