Protestors block railway in Chanayethazan of Mandalay

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The protestors block railway whereas the police members clear the blocked materials in Mandalay yesterday.

The protests currently occured in some large cities of the country, and the protestors also blocked the ways and threatened the staff to disrupt the government mechanism.

They also disrupted the works of Myanma Railways on 17 February in inspecting the Mandalay-Thasi railway section and locomotives to run to other regions and states from Mandalay Region.

The officials of Myanma Railways, led by the general manager of railways for upper Myanmar and police members, scrutinized the Mandalay-Thasi railway section and locomotives at about 4 pm on 17 February. About 100 protestors blocked the railway near 34th street and 78th x79th streets in Chanayethazan with iron bars, logs and stones, and it caused unrest.

The general manager, township administrators and officials requested the protestors not to do such moves. When the police members removed the blocked materials, the protestors threw stones, sticks and knives at the police. Therefore, the police shot rubber bullets to disperse. The protest crowd dispersed at about 9 pm. The officials will take appropriate actions against those who participated in the unrest.

Due to such doings, a locomotive ran on Mandalay-Thasi railway section to inspect the risks yesterday morning. Tatmadaw and police members conduct security measures not to occur riots in the country, and for good transportation in accordance with the law the whole day.—MNA

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