Security forces detain protestors in Nay Pyi Taw Council Area

The protests that seem to harm the stability of the State, the security of people, the rule of law, community peace and tranquillity currently occur in some large cities of the nation. Therefore, Section 144 of Criminal Procedure and a ban on gatherings of 5 or more people have been imposed.

Despite the imposition, about 200 protestors built protest camps yesterday on Pyinmana-Taungnyo road near Thabyay Kone roundabout in Zabuthiri Township of Nay Pyi Taw Council Area starting 9:30 am and shouted out slangs that cause unrest, via hand speakers.

The township administration council members, administrative officials and Myanmar Police Force repeatedly requested the protestors to disperse as their doings were disturbing others and causing traffic jams.

The protestors did not disperse and so police members dispersed them in accordance with the prescribed crowd dispersal methods. Meanwhile, the protestors committed violent acts using catapults and throwing stones, bricks and nuts that can cause serious wounds. The large protest crowd was dispersed at about 3 pm.

No one was injured in the protest. The police detained 44 protestors who committed violent acts together with their materials, and will conduct in accordance with the law.—MNA

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