Public participation for State stability

(Conservation between Ko Than Chaung and Ma Sar U)

By Daung

“Do we have unity?” Yes, we do. Yes, we do,” the sound came from the next door of Ko Than Chaung. So, he glanced at that house and found Ma Sar U, an educated spinster, whispering that slang before she went to the market.

“Hey, Ma Sar U, just keep shouting that slang. It’s sound good,” I said to her.

“Don’t make funny. I just know those words. I don’t dare to go to the street now even though others brought my mother’s longyi to string up on the line there as I am worried that I would be arrested,” she replied.

“Why did you hang longyi on the rope there?”

“Don’t you know that if we hang longyi on the rope, the security forces won’t come here, and they don’t dare to destroy the protest camp. So, I do like that,” she said.

Then, I continued, “I wonder why you do like that without any solid reason. If you do like that, how can the monks pass underneath these longyis? If the respectful elderly persons go underneath these lines, it doesn’t look good for you. Do you all forget that point?”

“That’s right, Ko Than Chaung. It’s my fault that I don’t think about it. I make a huge mistake. But, the guilty of those who persuade us to do so will be worse. They ask for longyi from me to do so, and so I just give it to them,” she added.

“OK. Let it be. I heard your nieces would join CDM, and now how’s it going? Are they OK?”

Then, she said,” I don’t know whether they are OK. They will return home. Some of their friends are unemployed and get financial assistance just for one time. I think they are tired of participating in the summer revolution.”

“They should be like that, Apyo Gyi. The government implements systematic future work plans and objectives as quickly as possible. If they want to destroy it, they will face such a situation. Suppose they don’t accept the efforts of the government like solving this issue peacefully and fairly. In that case, their efforts also will be in vain except riot.”

“So, how is the help of international countries? Do the foreign military arrive here?” she asked.

“No, Ma Sar U. No one shares the final situation of the UN on Facebook with credit. I heard they would adopt a diplomatic approach instead of war. Nobody wants to interfere in others’ internal affairs. As the saying goes, we should not interfere in three relations: between the parents and children, husband and wife, and siblings. If they are in a good situation again after a row, we will just be their enemies. So, which country will dare to interfere in the affairs of another country? Then, they won’t do such interference as the government carries out in line with the law,” I told her.

Then, I continued,” If the international armed forces are supposed to be here, will you welcome their arrival? For example, if our neighbouring country sends their army to us as the western countries are far from here, will you accept their coming? I see only the country full of losses rather than a country full of prosperity when the foreign countries complete their support with armed forces.”

She told me, “It’s true. It is better to carry out the right things to achieve good results rather than making responses based on current emotions.”
“The CMD of government staff, social bullying that is not conformity with human rights, insulting to religions affect the country’s image, Ma Sar U. Electing Hluttaw MPs are official with the recognition of people. They will be official MPs when they complete taking an oath. Now is in the inspection period to uncover the frauds. But, they form organizations and parallel government, and so these doings are illegal. They neglect the pledges of others, and they commit incitement to the people online,” I said.

She replied, “But, I feel sad for causalities of people, Ko Than Chaung. I feel hurt seeing the youths at the age of my nephews and nieces taking to the streets to protest.”

“You should be like that, Ma Sar U. But, you should not hate the security forces but the power-mad persons in each former government terms, politics who work for the sake of themselves, lobbyists, media outlets that cover one-sided news and the cowards who incite just online. They know the situation and intentionally persuade the people to take to the streets. It will be like a Myanmar saying: A small issue mendable by a needle may become necessary to cut by an axe,” I added.

When she said, “I feel sorry for Generation Z. They have their future. I don’t want them to spend their time on the streets,” I continued,” The honesty of youths is misled, Ma Sar U. The government is responsible for the stability of the State. The State Administration Council are carrying out systematic measures now. I think the people should participate in implementing these measures while the Council carries them out according to the 2008 Constitution. If there is no stability in the country, we cannot hold the election. You should think about whether you should create delays or stop such destructive actions so that to welcome the election.”

“You are right, Ko Than Chaung. Now, I need to go to the market, and you should go home. Why don’t we discuss again in the evening?” she said.
“OK. I want the people to understand the truth like you. If so, everything will be OK,” I replied.


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