Public request in exposing and arresting terrorists to prevent terror acts in time

Those who commit incitement and terrorists in groups brutally kill innocent people without reasons for deteriorating peace and stability of the State and the rule of law, commit bomb attacks at the public areas, including schools and set fire to administrator offices and government departments in order to undermine administrative machinery of the government.
Findings in scrutiny based on events of terror acts, explosions in installing parts of homemade bombs and confessions of arrested exploders showed that terror acts were based on manipulation and participation of the unlawful association’s Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH) and the National United Government (NUG), People’s Defence Force (PDF) declared as terrorist groups, extremist NLD members and supporters, and they mobilized the youths with sensitive emotion and gave money to gangsters for committing the terror acts.
Especially, it was found that extremist NLD members, supporters and NLD lobbyists committed incitements on the instigation of CRPH, NUG and PDF terrorist organizations on the social networks again, causing more terror acts such as setting of fire and explosions and brutal killings. Arrangements to brazenly do terror acts and give orders to do so through social networks prove they are terrorists. Some Facebook posts to cause terror acts incited by extremist NLD members, followers and NLD lobbyists were seen on the social network pages as follows:-

Facebook posts which brazenly incite to cause instability of the State and commit terror acts

Although protests are staged against the government in democratic countries under the democratic practice, protesters do not destroy public property, economic buildings and schools with terror acts. If there are diversities in the essence of democracy, everybody needs to follow the agreements of the majority and emphasize the attitudes of the minority. But, the acts of bullying in groups with cruel killings based on the concept that those who are in diverse attitudes are enemies is the moves against the standards of democracy.
Moreover, bomb attacks on and setting fire to administrator offices and schools, violent attacks on public service personnel including administrators and members of other political parties and brutal killing with crowds are terrorist acts derailed from the democracy.
Especially, intimidation of extremist NLD members, followers and NLD lobbyists not to attend schools intentionally give troubles to the people without desire to turn out the educated persons in the country. Setting fire to schools, forcibly imposing coercion on teachers to join CDM activities, attacking and killing non-CDM teachers and intimidating students are bad acts destroying the future of the State. These terror acts cannot totally be accepted not only in Myanmar but also in the international community.
As such, the government declared Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH) and the National United Government (NUG), People’s Defence Force (PDF) which incite and arrange commitment of terrorist and destructionist acts against the democracy as unlawful associations in accord with Sub-Section (2) of Section 15 and Section 16 of the Unlawful Association Act for their bomb attacks on towns and villages and the terror attacks with the use of homemade mines and bombs and attempts to do so and declared them as terrorist groups on 8 May by exercising the authority mentioned in Sub-Section (e) of Section 6 and Sub-Section (b) of Section 72 of the Counter-Terrorism Law.
Currently, a total of 49 suspects for setting fire and terror acts, 61 suspects of murder, 256 suspects of illegally holding arms and ammunition and 272 suspects of terror and destructive acts were arrested with 50 small arms, 2,502 rounds of assorted ammunition, 914 homemade guns, 5,947 homemade mines and homemade bombs and related equipment according to the information given by dutiful people who wish to live in peace. And, terror acts such as planting time bombs and attacking with homemade mines and homemade bombs on public property, business buildings and schools could be barred in time. Hence, the people are requested not to contact terror groups, provide any aid to them and timely inform security troops about the moves of terror organizations so as to stop worse terror acts in time.—MNA

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