Two bombers arrested with arms in Ayadaw, Sagaing Region

Two bombers were arrested together with one homemade gun and equipment used in terrorist acts, and explosives were confiscated from the house of the former village administor in Ayadaw township, Sagaing Region.
The bombers were detained by the villagers after they had attacked the house of Daw Htay with a homemade bomb in Sabartwin village, Thalebar village- tract, Ayadaw Township, Shwebo District on 9 June. According to the report, security forces went to the village to investigate and arrested the two suspects together with their arms.
The bomb didn’t affect any person or building and the two suspects were transferred to the township hospital as they were wounded.
Security forces searched for the house of the former village chief, according to the report, and confiscated two M-67 grenades, four detonators and one homemade air gun. The village chief and his family escaped by the time the security forces arrived at their house.
On the way back from the village, security forces found 18 homemade mines planted on the road between the Thalebar station hospital and Sintale village, and had to deactivate them. At the scene, twenty-five fire bottles, pieces of wire and 30 NLD masks were confiscated.
The arrested two suspects will be taken effective action under the law and those who were involved in the acts of violence will be identified and prosecuted. – MNA

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