PutaO, Mount Phonkanrazi tour package includes skiing programmes

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Travellers join skiing sports in snow-capped mountains in PutaO Township.

Sightseeing tours in PutaO Township and Mount Phonkanrazi snow-capped mountain scaling tour in Kachin State have started, and glacier skiing programmes are also included in the tour package, said Ko Min Khine from Trekking in Myanmar Company Limited.
Currently, arranged climbing tours are not for professional mountaineers but for recreational climbers and those wishing to conduct study tours. As many first-time visitors to ice-capped mountains are participating, arrangements have been made to ensure safe travel so that young women can enjoy skiing during the hiking trip.
“The town of PutaO in the far north of Myanmar is a huge flat valley surrounded by ice-capped mountains, but the visibility of those mountains is severely limited due to cloud cover. If the weather is fine and clear, you can see the ice-capped mountains anywhere in the town. We are planning trips to places worth visiting in PutaO and Machanbaw. The climbing trips by local recreational climbing groups have been made on 11 November, 22 November and 6 December, and a group will return on 26 December. These trips will last six nights and seven days in PutaO. In the entire trip, five days are meant for walking, including a two-day round trip by motorcycle, three days of walking in ascending and two days of walking in descending. There are 44 miles to be walked — 22 miles uphill and 22 miles downhill,” Ko Min Khaing said.
The Trekking in Myanmar company have started two-night and three-day, and three-night and four-day tour packages to PutaO and a six-night and seven-day trip to Mount Phonkanrazi since November 2023, and the group trips to PutaO will be from November 2023 to May 2024.
In addition, the PutaO-Machanbaw trip includes visits to Maha Myatmuni pagoda, Putaung village, Khakaborazi National Museum, Mulashidi village and suspension bridge, Rawang Manaw compound, Rawang cultural museum, Heart-shaped Lake of PutaO, Kaunghmulon pagoda, Malikha suspension bridge, Kyauk Naga, ancient buildings and Gubar guesthouse, Natkyun, fairy inland in Malikha River, Natkyun pagoda and rocky flats. — ASH/TH

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