Pwintbyu farmers cultivate long beans on larger scale

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After cultivating for a month, the marketable long bean crops could be harvested.

The local farmers from villages in Pwintbyu township, Magway region are growing vegetables on a commercial scale using the Mone creek water and underground water.
Easier to grow and a good price are what keep the local farmers motivated to cultivate long beans on a larger scale, said the local farmers from Phalen Taw village, Pwintbyu township.
After cultivating for a month, the marketable long bean crops could be harvested. The pillar work must be carried out before the long beans are cultivated. The long bean plant is a favourite plant of leaf beetles and pods. So, the growers need to take care of them and spray the pesticide if it is necessary. The two packs of long bean seed are good enough for the manageable scale grower. The cultivation cost of the long bean is not very high and the crops can be sold for many years.
“The local farmers from our township are working on the farming business in every season. The farmers there are growing the crop on a larger scale every year. Among the crops, the long bean is one of the successful cultivation because it has become one of their main cash crops today. There are at least 700 or 800 plants and these crops are yielded over 100 visses in every two days. The prevailing price of the long bean is ranging K1,400-K1,500 per viss. The crops can be harvested for at least 3 months per tree depending on the cultivation of the plant. We are increasing the production every year as it fetches a better price than other crops, said a local farmer from Phalen Taw village in Pwintbyu township.
The long bean is a necessary crop not for the housewife but for the Myanmar noodle soup (locally called Monthinga) sellers. So, the local growers are happy for making a profit by selling them. — Ye Win Naing (NyaungU)/GNLM

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