PyinOoLwin’s Thiri Yadana market shops to be closed over unpaid fees

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The front view of the Thiri Yadana Market in PyinOoLwin.

Failure to pay the monthly fees for the 443 shops at PyinOoLwin’s Thiri Yadana Market will result in their closure; therefore, fees must be paid as of 1 April, according to the PyinOoLwin Township Development Committee.
The PyinOoLwin Township Development Committee announced that notices were placed in newspapers regarding the issue of non-payment of the monthly shop fee for the 443 shops on 1 and 2 July 2019, 3 November 2023, and 23 January 2024, respectively.
Shop owners are required to settle any outstanding shop fees with the PyinOoLwin Township Development Committee office by 1 April of this year. Failure to comply will result in inspections and subsequent action taken against the non-paying shops. According to Clause 21 of the health, cleanliness, safety, and governance rules, these shops will be deemed ownerless, and measures may be taken, including the confiscation of the shop.
The PyinOoLwin Township Development Committee has reportedly notified this for the last time. — TWA /KZL

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