Records on 11th press conference held by Information Team of the State Administration Council on 14 January

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The State Administration Council tried to reopen schools when the infection rate of COVID-19 declined to a certain percentage. Terrorist NUG, CRPH and PDF set fire to some 500 schools and killed about 20 educational staff. Some educational staff staged the CDM campaign. Schools were opened amid threats. According to the 2019 interim census, about four million of the population above five years old had never attended the schools. Hence, the State Administration Council emphasizes the enhancement of the education sector. Except for 46 townships due to COVID-19, the remaining townships reopens basic education schools at which more than 5.2 million children enrolled. Of them, over 4.1 million students took the first-semester examination, accounting for 98.8 per cent. Universities, colleges and institutes reopened on 6 January 2022, with 4,409 enrolled students and 2,281 attendees. Up to now, education staff were not disturbed in EAO regions and insurgency areas. They gave even help to the education staff. Now, NUG and PDF terrorists have targeted to attack health and education sectors.

Everybody knew the events in Kayah State. KNPP and PDF terrorists attacked a passenger aeroplane landing at Loikaw Airport with the use of 107mm launchers. Security forces stopped suspect vehicles on Dimawhso-Koingan old village-Dawkayakhu-Moso earthen road. These vehicles did not stop and opened fire at security forces. Terrorist groups from hillocks around Moso Village also attacked security forces with the use of heavy and small arms. So, both sides exchanged fire. Seven vehicles between the clash were ablaze in bullet-hit. Because these vehicles carried fuel and cooking oil from villages. Despite trying to rescue persons from the vehicles, security forces were failing to do so. Due to terrorists, firefighters delayed rushing to the scene. A BGF camp is located near Moso Village. During the fighting, some PDFs sought help from the BGF camp. Four BGF in civilian suits followed them. Then, they were killed at hands tied behind their back. When they left the camp, they wore civilian suits. When their dead bodies were found, they wore BGF uniforms. It was an attempt to instigate between BGF and the Tatmadaw. The commander and the director enquired about the event and solved the problems to avoid misunderstanding.
On 10 January, PDF terrorists killed innocent people from a vehicle and took some K10 million obtained from proceeds of selling betel leaves in Mandalay. An escaped person told that PDFs killed them. PDF terrorists also killed PAT Daw Hla Hla Nyunt and husband U Aung Zaw Moe in Patee Village of Taze Township on 8 January. Teachers from basic education post-primary school in Letpanzin Village of Katha Township and the headmistress of Dauntgyi Village BEHS Branch were threatened not to open the schools after taking mobile phones on 10 January. PDF terrorists also kidnapped headmaster U Thet Naung Tun from Apaw Village of Sedoktara Township on 9 January to change him with K10 million. PDF terrorists also opened fire at a 20-tonne liquid oxygen bowser in Myawady Township on 3 January. PDF terrorists took a position at Marathein Village BEPS in Htigyaing Township on 13 January and withdrew from the scene when security forces attacked. At 10 pm, they set fire to the school to clear their shreds of evidence.
Then, a video clip on Maung Kyaw (a) Phyo Zeyar Thaw was presented. Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun explained Maung Kyaw (a) Phyo Zeyar Thaw confessed that 178 times of mine blasts were committed in Yangon Region. Up to now, 292 State servants and 1,538 innocent people, totalling 1,830 were killed in terrorist acts.
From 1 February 2021 to 12 January 2022, 4,044 bomb blasts happened in major cities. Security forces arrested 1,480 terrorists with 116 assorted guns, 1,175 rounds of ammunition, 21 grenades, 741 homemade mines and explosives. Moreover, 10,069 terrorists preparing to commit crimes were detained with 3,335 assorted guns, 159,499 rounds of ammunition, 715 grenades, 7,161 homemade mines and explosives in time.
The Tatmadaw engaged with KNU Brigades 5/6 and related areas, MNDAA in Shan State, KNPP and NUG, CRPH and PDF terrorists in Kayah State, PDF terrorists in some areas of Sagaing and Magway regions. A total of 7,479 people among 28,573 people of Papun Township have been vaccinated. Tatmadaw vehicles transport COVID-19 vaccines to Papun region. KNU Brigade-5 planted mines and attacked these vehicles at the entrance to Papun. KNU/KNLA Brigade-5 does not abide by the order of the KNU leading committee and violates the NCA to destroy the peace process.

UEC spokesperson U Khin Maung Oo said the UEC has inspected accounts of political parties as of the fourth week of August to date. So far, 51 political parties have been inspected. In the 2020 general elections, there were 1,077 electoral cases. Of them, 546 cases were taken action under the electoral law. Moreover, a total of 2,169 persons were prosecuted for double and triple voting with a single citizenship scrutiny card in regions and states. In this regard, scrutiny is being conducted to take action against former president U Win Myint, former state counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, former minister U Min Thu, former UEC Chairman and members, former region and state chief ministers, Hluttaw candidates, party victorious committee members, members of election sub-commissions, totalling 422 and 2,483 chairmen and members of UEC and sub-commissions will be taken action for failure to systematically supervise the electoral tasks in the 2020 general election.
From 24 to 26 December 2021, the UEC met with political parties at the hall of Yangon Region government and Yangon Region Hluttaw to hold the group-wise meetings, attended by 115 representatives from 62 political parties. UEC Chairman U Thein Soe explained the change of exercising the electoral system in Myanmar. Representatives of political parties held discussions on 24 and 25 December and compiled the papers on Proportional Representation at relevant Hluttaws. On 26 December, they read the papers and made clarifications. All groups submitted that a closed-list PR system should be practised and they agreed to practise the FPTP system for constituencies of ethnic Hluttaw representatives of region and state Hluttaws and six self-administered zones and division of the Amyotha Hluttaw. In his concluding remarks, the UEC Chairman said the necessary laws will be amended for practising the PR system from the FPTP system with the participation of the government, UEC, political parties and people.
The UEC will continue cooperation with township based political parties and relevant stakeholders in the compilation of the voter list. Moreover, the bill is being drawn for recalling the MPs. The UEC cooperates with relevant departments and organizations for holding the multiparty democracy general election in accord with the fifth point of the five-point road map. — MNA

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