Religious places thronged with devotees on Kason Full Moon Day in Mandalay

As Kason Full Moon Day (Buddha Day) is an auspicious day, devotees did good deeds, including pouring water on banyan trees, donating rice to Buddhist monks and launching free food events across Mandalay City.
Mandalay’s people, led by Yaydaw Sayadaw, washed the face of Madalay Maha Muni Buddha Image at 4 am and then recited Dhamma Cakka, donated golden robes, rice, water and flowers to the pagoda. They also poured water on each Buddha image situated in every corner of the pagoda and the banyan tree on the Tuesday corner of the pagoda and kept sabbath on Buddha Day.
With the supervision of the Mandalay Region government, people also donated offerings to 2,568 Sanghas along the Palace Wall and 10,272 Sanghas on the four sides of the Mandalay Moat.
Likewise, pilgrims thronged to Shwekyeemyin Pagoda, Phayani Pagoda, Sutaungpyae Pagoda, Sutaungya Pagoda, Kyauktawgyi Pagoda, Kuthodaw Pagoda, Thakyathiha Pagoda, Jade Pagoda, Aungtawmu Pagoda, Chanthagyi Pagoda and Chanthaya Pagoda as well-wishers donated food to them.
Similarly, people poured water onto the banyan tree planted by King Mindon at Bogon Ward, Mahaaungmyay Township and the bayan tree situated at the base of Mandalay Hill.
In the evening, the Mandalay people also poured water on bayan trees across the city. — Min Htet Aung/KZL

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