Renovation work on 100-year-old in 2025 Ledi stone inscription museum nears 100% completion

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Renovation work at the Ledi Stone Inscription Museum.

High-scale renovation work on 100 years old in 2025 Ledi stone inscription museum in Monywa Township has been completed almost 100 per cent, said U Kyaw Win, treasurer of the board of trustees.
“The operation completed nearly 100 per cent, and the repair works started in January 2019. The cost is over K240 million. Two hundred and seventy-seven chambers containing 284 posts, 20 feet and 15 feet of 118 spans of ceilings and 56 brick walls have been completed. Nine pagodas were gilded. The stone inscription museum is renovated before its 100th anniversary in the next three years,” he elaborated.
Donations for the renovation of the stone inscription museum came from across Myanmar, such as Moenyo, Loikaw, Dawei, Mandalay, Yangon, Magway, Pakokku and other places.
“The board of trustees discussed the launch of the renovation. The renovation has started with the desire to keep it tidy. It is necessary to hand it over to the next generation. We want to be appreciated for our efforts. We want the next generation to do as well,” noted Chairman U Saw Lu of the board of trustees.
The Ledi stone inscription museum organizing committee was formed on 27 November 1925 and the construction was completed after three years with the cost of over K120,000. During World War II, bombs exploded in the southern and western parts of the museum.
The Ledi stone inscription museum boasts of 806 stone slab inscriptions that depicted 96 Dipani — 61 treatises of Myanmar literature, 18 Nissara and one Pali text. Ledi Sayadaw compiled 89 treatises of Dipani, Ledi Pandita U Maung Gyi six Dipani, and Ledi U Kawi one Dipani, respectively. — Lu Lay/GNLM

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