Reply of Leader of SAC Information Team Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun

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Leader of the Information Team of the State Administration Council Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun replies on the news coverage of some media outlets regarding the case that a house located on 54th street in Pyigyidagun Township of Mandalay Region is sealed off and it is a place for Christian orphans.
“Acting on a tip-off, the security forces sealed and inspected the house located between 125/126 streets on 54th (B) street of F Ward in Pyigyidagun Township of Mandalay at 8 pm yesterday. Some media post the news that it is a Christian orphanage on the social network. It is a false news item. It is just a house. It has an owner. The owner rents to others. U Khin Maung Aye and Daw May Yi rented the house, we learnt. The reason why we sealed this is that we have already released information on 20 June 2021 that we arrested the PDF group from Mandalay of Wai Yan Lin (aka) Tun Tauk Naing in Thabeikkyin together with many firearms. According to their confession, the PDFs in Mandalay region cooperated with KIA to conduct terrorist training and explosive courses in Mandalay and they rented four houses. We also announced these four houses. The currently seized house is one of these four houses. But they did not station there.”
“Later, the house renters are living there and we found ten children during our inspection. When we asked the renters, they said they are orphans. We are still inspecting. We scrutinize the notorious case and we find out like that. There is no official registration to open orphanages or orphanage schools there. They are operating on their own. Then, we hear that they are providing medical treatment there as the news is spreading on social media. They are just doing it for a show like they are taking care of public health. However, they don’t treat the people in reality. But they might treat with the contact of terrorist groups. We are still reviewing. What I want to say is that we are still investigating and it is the house related to Tun Tauk Naing. There are further suspicious cases and we do so. It is not a Christian orphanage.”
“I want to say that they are just creating exaggeration based on the social and religion when we seize it. We are investigating about the children whether they are orphans, and if they are orphans, they will be sent to an official orphanage and social welfare centre of the government by the Mandalay Region government. What I want to say to the people is that the associations that provide finance to the PDF terrorists are taking social and religious cover to mislead the people when we take action where necessary on something,” he said. – MNA

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