Reply of Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun, Leader of Information Team of the State Administration Council for fire in Thantlang Township of Chin State

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The news has spread online that the homes in Thantlang township of Chin State were burned down due to the heavy weapons of Tatmadaw starting 10 am on 29 October. Regarding this cases, Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun, leader of the State Administration Council’s Information Team replied to the questions of media as follows:—
“The baseless allegations are being made by the destructive media outlets. They are also widely spread on social networks. At about 11:45 am on 29 October, the Tatmadaw members and Myanmar Police Force conducted a patrol in Thantlang Township. The patrol was conducted in the centre of No (1) Ward of Thantlang. When they arrived there, the terrorist group PDF attacked them by exploding three homemade bombs. Then, they fired with small weapons. So, they conducted counter-attacks. Then, the PDF retreated under the cover of buildings. They set fire on four homes so that the security members could not follow them.
One of our members was killed in the incident. When they completed the operations, they returned here and found the fire. So, the further security members went there to put out the fire. At that time, they (PDF) shot the security members and relevant officials. Therefore, the security members could not extinguish the fire and it kept burning. It was not the doing of Tatmadaw. The PDF attacked the patrol team. When the security forces chased them, they ran away after setting the fire.
If I say about the former case, they blew up the bridge connecting Thantlang and Haka on 21 October. The main aim is to cut off the transportation to Thantlang. We don’t need to mention who committed bomb attacks on this bridge. They have already planned to do so in advance. The media posted the video files. For such reason, we cannot get to Thantlang from Haka. In the downtown area, they also shot the security members and relevant staff. What I want to say is that they intentionally committed such doings in deliberate plots.
Regarding the situation of Thantlang, Myanmar Police Force and Tatmadaw are residing at their original positions. They conduct patrol only for the security of the residents in the downtown area if they receive any strange tip-off. The terrorist PDF live among the people and buildings under the cover of people. They also set fire on the places where they retreated. About 3 or 4 days ago, one of their ministers of the terrorist group NUG who urged to commit terrorist acts also said and you will also notice about it. PDFs can move freely in Chin State and Sagaing Region and Tatmadaw no longer control the area. Based on such words, those who commit arson attacks and use human shields in Thantlang township are PDFs.
What I want to inform regarding this case the public is that we are issuing information about the terrorist acts of PDFs. Moreover, I want the people to know that they destroyed the cities and villages, roads, bridges to cut the transportation and also set on fire and destroyed the possessions and lives of people for their safety. Therefore, I urge the public to oppose such terrorism and cooperate with the security members to ensure the region stability and security.” — MNA

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