Restrict unlimited use of water sources in time

Today’s globe is under the control of climate change and lesser supplies of foods based on the utilization of water sources. Unsystematic utilization of water and climate change processes makes the water sources to be lessened.
Water is essential for the growing number of populations. But, excessive use of water volume not only in households but in development tasks such as construction and other services extract the water from the world. As such, the water sources of the world are gradually declining.
Global countries are scrambling in utilizing water sources, causing conflicts and tensions among them. Hence, they all need to solve such problems under systematic water management to ease the tensions and overcome challenges and disputes.
Among the various ways of utilizing water sources, the underground water tapping process is of importance for the people. Myanmar possesses 16 per cent of the water sources among the Southeast Asian countries and 12 per cent of water sources in Asia.
An increasing number of populations, booming urban areas and degradation of the environment make water requirements higher. Expansion of cultivable lands in rural areas and development of rural-based businesses extract a large volume of underground water year after year. Especially the unlimited tapping of underground water in the urban area is very dangerous for the people and the nation in the future.
It is because the emergence of vacant areas based on tapping of underground water will be a root cause of landslides in the urban area. According to the press release issued by the International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre-IGRAC, Myanmar uses 68 per cent of underground water for consumption, nine per cent for the industrial sector and 23 per cent for agriculture annually.
The majority of some 7 million population of Yangon City uses only underground water or tube-well water. As such, the extreme utilization of underground water will be difficult for the settlement of the people in the long run.
Unlimited tapping of underground water may cause landslides, entering of seawater at the seaside areas, a decline of underground water level, collapse of buildings, and deforestation. Hence, people should not prioritize selfishness in using water sources, mainly underground water sources.
People need to use the water efficiently, avoiding water waste elsewhere. Authorities should effectively implement the rules and regulations related to the management of underground water utilization. If so, the country can stop the unlimited tapping of water sources in time.

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