Revitalizing Bagan’s Heritage: Extensive data collection unveiled for 416 pagodas adorned with mural paintings

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Personnel from the Department of Archaeology and National Museum (Bagan) are seen conducting detailed field surveys.

The Department of Archaeology and National Museum (Bagan Division) has unveiled a significant initiative aimed at preserving mural paintings and understanding the cultural richness of the Bagan region. In this endeavour, comprehensive data collection is set to encompass 416 pagodas, each adorned with exquisite mural paintings.
The primary objective of this venture is to provide a thorough assessment of the current condition of Bagan’s pagodas, highlighting their mural paintings’ status. Through meticulous fieldwork, these new details will be documented, contributing to an Update Database that promises to be an invaluable resource for scholars and enthusiasts alike. The Research Section of the Department of Archaeology and National Museum (Bagan Branch) is orchestrating this effort, encompassing preliminary assessment field surveys which include the grading of monuments featuring mural paintings.
In tandem with these initiatives, a conscientious approach is taken to safeguard the cultural heritage in the vicinity. Village development projects have been initiated with the explicit aim of minimizing any potential impact on these ancient structures. The team is actively engaged in conducting detailed field surveys, piecing together archaeological evidence to craft a Micro Level Archaeological Risk Map. Additionally, a concerted effort is being made to document and enumerate stone inscriptions discovered within these age-old edifices.
As this comprehensive undertaking unfolds, it exemplifies Myanmar’s dedication to preserving its cultural legacy while fostering a deeper understanding of its past. — TC/KZW

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