Rights of ethnics and regions can be discussed at the Hluttaw as the political platform: Senior General

The proper education system needs to implement the teaching of good democratic practices but democratic politics, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting 6/2022 of the Union government at the Office of SAC Chairman in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday afternoon.

Restoration of peace
Peace is essential for building the Union. It is important for ceasing the armed conflicts in the nation. Now, the government is implementing peace talks with armed organizations under the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) and the Constitution (2008). Several talks will be held with these groups to reach agreements.
Rights of ethnics and regions can be discussed at the Hluttaw as the political platform. The government will assist ethnic armed organizations to do business under the law as they wish. If they continue performing the arms services, they will be allowed to join the Tatmadaw or the border guard forces. But, if they commit suffering and loss to the people, they have to solve it in line with the demand of losers.

International relations
Myanmar is upholding the firm foreign policy. The ASEAN Charter mentions paying respects to each ASEAN country on liberty, sovereignty, equality, territory and national characters. These ASEAN member states do not interfere in the internal affairs of other member states. They abide by the prevalence of law and order, good governance, and running of the government formed under democratic principles and the constitution. These facts highlight the current situation in the ASEAN region. Union ministers need to rebut the necessary points in the international relations arena.

Cementing the disciplined multiparty democratic system
In the 2020 general election, priority was given to the party’s interests, seeking the State’s power in the long run, and prioritizing the interests of the persons who backed the party. Such malpractices showed mental suffering for the persons who wish for democracy and Union interests and nation-builders. Hence, the current government decided to achieve success in implementing the adopted objectives.

Important role of education sector in uplifting socioeconomy
It is necessary to implement an education system which cannot harm the national characters and culture of the nation. The proper education system needs to implement the teaching of good democratic practices but democratic politics.


It is necessary to implement an education system which cannot harm the national characters and culture of the nation. The proper education system needs to implement the teaching of good democratic practices but democratic politics.

Regarding economy
The manufacturing process comes into normalcy in regions and states except for some parts of Chin State, Sagaing Region and Kayah State. PDFs and EAOs are interested in far-flung areas of the Sagaing Region which are under restriction of transport facilities. Hence, they collect more arms and ammunition. All need to take security knowledge and conscience as EAOs shape the situations of fighting outside their areas.
With regard to the enhancement of the economic sector, the Senior General said: “Some amounts of money have been collected for prevention of Covid-19 since 2020. It amounted to more than K400 billion. Some amounts of it were spent at that time. I allotted many funds for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 disease. Cash assistance was given for the preparation period and upgrading of hospitals. But, there remained a lot of money. It was not an ordinary health expenditure. It is a separate fund. In fact, saving money is not proper. Circulation of money is the best. So, it is necessary to circulate the money. When I consider how to efficiently spend the money instead of saving, I thought that spending the money on agriculture and livestock farms would be the best. So I held meetings with some ministers. I wanted to do so for spending that money. They suggested proper titles of accounts for spending that money. So, the State economy enhancement fund emerged. I allotted it to regions and states. But, as it is the fund of the State, they should take care of the fund not to be lost. If so, the money will return to the government directly. Moreover, it needs to spend the fund on enhancing the people’s life without the direct effort of the government. After considering two ways, I chose paddy and bean cultivation for contributing back to the State through the agriculture sector. At that time, I also considered the cultivation of cotton. But, cotton is not in time to catch the fund. So, we decided to provide assistance for the cultivation of paddy and green gram, contributing much to all regions and states. So, I sought data and figures for estimating the possibilities. In this regard, I saw almost all regions and states enjoying contributions. But, it depends on amounts and volumes. So, I allowed chief ministers as well as self-administered regions to implement the plans on their own ways. They turn it to implement the emerald green village project. The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation and the Ministry of Cooperatives and Rural Development are successfully implementing the project. How wonderful it is! It actually supports the farmers in their life. We put a force into the project, dubbing as a booster, indeed. Likewise, the State invests the money in the cultivation of green gram and summer paddy. After having benefits, they need to pay back the debt to the State. Then, some farmers need to pay back 25 per cent of agricultural loans taken from the benefit of the project to the State. They have to leave 75 per cent of the loan and enjoy the benefit. After the cultivation of one more crop, they have to pay back 25 more per cent of loans to the State. After the completion of four seasons, they will be free from loans. We expect it. So, Union ministries, region and state chief ministers and leading bodies of self-administered regions need to have success in a correct way.”
The government adopted future tasks, visions, national goals and political goals. The government is mainly responsible for achieving the goals with the participation of political parties and citizens. Such tasks should not burden the nation while management must be systematically implemented.
Union ministers reported on respective sectors.
In his conclusion, the Senior General stressed the need to establish office district offices in necessary areas as well as the offices to the uplift socioeconomic status of the people in self-administered zones and division. An emphasis must be placed on declining commodity prices and raising currency value. Levying suitable taxes for raising the State fund will help stabilize the State economy. — MNA

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