Russian Deputy Defence Minister, military attachés visit Maravijaya Buddha Image

A delegation led by Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Colonel General Alexander Vasilyevich Fomin, as well as foreign military attachés and officials, visited the Buddha Park in Dekkhinathiri Township, Nay Pyi Taw, yesterday.
The pagoda board of trustees and experts who participated in the construction and preservation of the Buddha image showed video recordings of the measures taken to erect it successfully. They offered the Buddha statue to the delegation led by Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, Colonel General Alexander Vasilyevich Fomin, military attachés and officials from foreign military attaché offices.
Afterwards, the visitors paid homage to the Maravijaya Buddha Image, visited the Agga Dhipadhi Sasanna Beikman and marble inscription pagodas, Thudhamma shrines, Musleindha Lake and other religious buildings. The delegation led by Colonel General Alexander Vasilyevich Fomin, Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, who visited the Maravijaya Buddha Image yesterday, expressed the following: –

Interview of visitors to Maravijaya Buddha Image
1. Colonel General Alexander Fomin, Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation
First, let me express my deep affection for Myanmar. My history with Myanmar dates back to 2005, and I have many friends here. I have closely collaborated with many military and civil leaders, including the Head of State, to develop this beautiful nation.
The place where I stand right now is Maravijaya Buddha Park, which, I believe, was an enormous project. Building a Buddha Park of this grandeur is a tremendous achievement.
Only benevolent leaders are able to complete a spectacular Buddha image.
The people of Myanmar are also pious and devoted to this project, hence its eventual success. I would like to commend Myanmar and its people for their accomplishment in conserving cultural heritage and the Maravijaya Buddha Image.


2. Lama Bair Tsympilov, the abbot of Chita Datsan (Moscow Buddhist Community)
I would like to express gratitude to everyone responsible for facilitating this trip so that our delegation can pay homage to the Maravijaya Buddha Image.
I felt truly honoured to have the opportunity to pay respect to such a marvellous Buddha park.
I thank everyone on behalf of all the followers of Buddhism living in the Russian Federation.
The Buddha image is the tallest marble Buddha statue in the world.
The spectacle of the Buddha Park is almost magnetic, attracting every believer around the world. Devout Buddhists will have the opportunity to practise Dhamma while visiting Buddha Park.
I am proud of the citizens of Myanmar for successfully completing this Buddha image.

3. Mr Pavel Gusev, chairman of the Russian Defence Ministry’s Public Council
Every nationality expresses its culture spectacularly. The ability to modify culture showcases the greatness of its people.
The Maravijaya Buddha Park is the icon of Myanmar people’s greatness since it is a manifestation of Myanmar’s cultural heritage. It also shows the development of a nation.
You cannot judge a nation’s development just by its modern cities.
The capacity to construct a religious edifice of such magnitude also reflects a country’s development.
We witness significant growth in the country under the leadership of a benevolent State leader who prioritizes the advancement of religious and cultural heritage.
I wish peace and prosperity for Myanmar. — MNA/KZL/NT

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