SAC Chair PM Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets MSMEs in Pyay District

The tourism industry should be encouraged in the cultural heritage centres, railways are being upgraded to make journeys by train comfortable, the government aims to use electric trains to contribute to the development of the tourism industry, it is necessary to make the region and the cities clean and pleasant, and it is also necessary for the residents to work together to attract foreign tourists, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in his meeting with proprietors of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in Pyay District yesterday morning.
At the meeting, Bago Region Chief Minister U Myo Swe Win first reported to the Prime Minister on the management of MSMEs and manufacturing and service industries, disbursement of loans to MSMEs and steps being taken to use modern machinery in turning out value-added products and organize exhibitions in Bago Region.

Next, the suppliers of agricultural inputs and MSME proprietors in Pyay District reported on the distribution of agricultural inputs to farmers at reasonable prices, the need for the government to disburse agricultural loans at soft interest rates, to render support and make necessary relaxations of rules for the development of hotels and tourism industry in the cultural heritage centre, to give MSME entrepreneurs extra time to be able to pay back loans and to continue giving loans. They also thanked the government for providing encouragement and necessary support.
The tourism industry in cultural heritage centres encouraged
After hearing the reports of entrepreneurs, the Prime Minister said that he encouraged the tourism industry in cultural heritage centres, that railways are being upgraded to make journeys by train comfortable, and that the government aims to use electric trains to contribute to the development of tourism industry, that it is necessary to make the region and the cities clean and pleasant, that it is also necessary for the locals to work together to attract foreign tourists, that Russian-Myanmar Friendship Associations will be organized in the respective regions so that Russian tourists can visit Myanmar and that the period for the payment of loans will be extended and more loans will be provided.
Important to produce cooking oil of good quality
Regarding the cultivation and production of crops, the Prime Minister said that, as the government is practising market economy, he encouraged private economy, that, as the government is providing all the necessary assistance, the farmers on their part need to do the cultivation systematically and use quality strains, that it is important to use modern machinery to be able to produce cooking oil of good quality.
Technologies to be provided to extract metal ores for iron production
The Prime Minister continued to say that fuel oil is imported from abroad and the government is trying for consumers to be able to get it at a reasonable price, that the government is making efforts to be able to generate the electricity needed for industries, that projects are being laid down to be able to use electric cars for public transport, the government has given private entrepreneurs the green light to extract minerals and respective ministries will provide necessary technologies to them to be able to extract metal ores for iron production.
Union Ministers U Win Shein, Dr Kan Zaw, U Tin Htut Oo, U Hla Moe, Dr Charlie Than and U Aung Naing Oo explained the implementation of work by respective ministries, relaxation of rules for payment of loans and disbursement of further loans, the necessity for the development of economic enterprises in accord with the economic policies laid down by the government, steps being taken for increased income of rural people and the necessity for rural development by organizing cooperative associations.
Discharging State responsibilities and overcoming difficulties in cooperation with the people
In his speech, the Senior General said MSME plays a key role in the development of the State economy and it is a primary economic driving force for developing countries. MSME industries are built for many percentages in developed and developing countries.

Politics and economy
If the economy does not develop, politics will not be stable. As the downtrend of the economy can cause political problems, efforts are being made to enhance the economy. In the market economic system, businesspersons must have self-reliance whereas the State will adopt coherent policies. State revenues comes from the people and trade as well as that of the non-trade process. These incomes are spent under the budget to develop the State. Only when the local economy improves will the nation develop.
Requirement of production based on agriculture and livestock and qualified human resources
Production is essential for operating businesses. Likewise, production needs raw materials. Myanmar is endowed with raw materials from underground and aboveground natural resources. Agriculture and livestock farming require fertilizers, feedstuffs, fuel, electricity and other inputs. Livestock farms can be utilized to produce many products. Agricultural produce and livestock products can be consumed at home and exported abroad to promote the economy.
As Myanmar’s economy is starting to resurge, efforts must be made for increasing production. In doing so, the government will disburse loans to the business people facing difficulties based on various reasons.
Arrangements are being made to open agriculture institutes and livestock breeding institutes at basic education schools in each district for turning out skilful human resources. Hence, business people need to conduct on-job training courses as much as they can.
Only when socioeconomic life of individuals develops will the region and the country have economic development
The Senior General urged them to efficiently utilize land and water for achieving success in agriculture and livestock farming. Double and triple cropping can help them earn increased income. Only when individual socioeconomic life develops will the region and the country have economic development. Production must be done with raw materials from agriculture and livestock farming in Pyay District.
The Senior General cordially greeted MSME businesspersons of Pyay District at the meeting.
The Senior General then viewed round foodstuffs, personal goods, industrial products, Myanmar traditional goods, clothes and traditional medicines displayed at the meeting hall and asked about the market situation for these products. — MNA

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