SAC Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets Cocokyun Township departmental staff, town elders

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompanied by the SAC members, Joint-Secretary, Union Ministers, Yangon Region Chief Minister, Yangon Command Commander, Yangon Region Development Affairs Minister and other officials met the departmental officials and town elders of Cocokyun Township yesterday.
First, the Cocokyun township administrator and town elders expressed words of thanks to the Prime Minister for making efforts on regional development programmes, transportation, the creation of job opportunities for local young people, the need of health workers and Tatmadaw medics for the health sector, upgrade of the jetty for vessels, preventive measures of COVID-19 and recreational services for the residents, the strength of Coco Dam for drinking water, water security and other matters.
Then, the Union Ministers, Yangon Region Chief Minister and Development Affairs Minister reported on their respective sectors regarding the needs for dentists in the township, health status, education, appointment of local graduated youths at departments concerned accordingly to procedures, upgrading the transport sector, construction of bleachers in the stadium, supports for other sports and cooperation work with ministries concerned in implementing the Pankhinn project.
The SAC Chairman Prime Minister provided food aids and sports materials for Cocokyun, while other SAC members and officials handed over the SIM cards and top-ups, ECG and anti-COVID-19 equipment to the township officials.

Then, the SAC Chairman Prime Minister said the Union ministers of respective sectors directly dissolved the motions proposed by the township administrators and town elders. Regarding job opportunities, the better ability of a government is achieved for having qualified staff. Therefore, the staff should be skilful and if they meet the fixed qualifications, recruitment processes will be conducted. The new generation should emphasize their education for social development. According to the survey, there were 1.5 million who attended schools in the Academic Year 2007-2008 and there were only more than 270,000 who reached the matriculation level and so of these numbers, 90 per cent are under the level of matriculation. Therefore, all should make efforts to improve the education of the country and encourage the children since they are young and it also needs to have actual skill and knowledge.

During the third wave of COVID-19 in Myanmar, we tried our best to provide healthcare services despite the difficulties in healthcare professionals, medicines, oxygen shortage and various other problems. As healthcare workers, Tatmadaw, and the people worked together, the COVID-19 outbreak was under control, he said.

He also said he had heard that there is a shortage of dentists in Cocokyun due to their involvement in the CDM campaign under the incitement or threats of those who wanted to overthrow the State administration mechanism and he will try to meet the needs of civil servants in all possible ways.
He noted that he will do his best to meet the actual needs of the region included in the submissions of the locals. As it is necessary to stay healthy and have a good education, local people must take care of themselves and promote education and create a good environment, he added.
For a good environment, fences, road development, replacement of the galvanized roof, cleaning and beautification have been provided since his last visit, he continued. The life expectancy of Myanmar is 67 years and it was 65.5 years in 2016 and 67.4 years in 2017, which makes Myanmar the country with the lowest life expectancy among ASEAN countries. He highlighted the need to have a good economy and a good education, and only education can develop knowledge.
Regarding a good economy, he said it is necessary to make the basic business related to coconut more successful. He urged to improve the living standards of the region by setting an example, as these products were firstly produced in Cocokyun. As Cocokyun has to import rice and cooking oil from other areas, the local people must earn income, and therefore they should make the production of coconut products successful.
He urged them to pay attention to the systematic use of water and electricity and to carry out individually for a clean environment. Although the Pankhinn project, the national registration project, has been 100 per cent completed, it is important to have accurate data and for administration officials to actively participate in the systematic governance of the township. He said it is important to prevent statistical inaccuracies and to build a modern and orderly city by systematically compiling historical records.
He said Union ministers were brought together to directly provide requirements for the development of the region, and local people, Tatmadaw, and departmental organizations must work together for the development of the region, and Tatmadaw will also provide as necessary.
Afterwards, the Chairman of the State Administration Council the Prime Minister and party cordially greeted department staff and local elderlies who attended the meeting. — MNA

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