SAC Information Team Leader Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun responds to widespread rumours about fuel oil

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Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun, Leader of the SAC Information Team.

Starting on 13 August, we found rumours of fuel oil shortages in the country on social media, especially in Mandalay. There was panic buying sparked by spreading rumours at the fuel stations of great companies on the morning and evening of 14 August in Mandalay. Some stations limited the sale of fuel and some said they ran out of fuel. Therefore, we found panic buying at some stations of great companies. Such doings seem to cause fuel shortages. The country has fuel oil reserves. We refill them in a timely manner. There is a shortage for a little while after the spread of rumours. There is no need for people to worry about fuel oil. On 14 August, the one fuel vessel arrived at the Thilawa Port Terminal and unloaded the oil and another four tankers on 15 August. About 60,000 tonnes of Octane 92 and 95, Diesel and Premium Diesel are unloaded on 15 August. It is about 1.3 million gallons. We unload over 27,000 tonnes of 92, over 3,000 tonnes of 95, 6,000 tonnes of Diesel and 22,000 tonnes of Premium Diesel at the port on 15 August.
We will receive further 20,000 tonnes of fuel on 18 August and 23,000 tonnes on 19 August. Later, more than 12 fuel vessels will arrive here. Currently, it unloads a total of 1.3 million gallons of fuel oil at the port and so people don’t need to worry about it. After the spread of rumours, people will feel worried and buy fuel more than the amount that can be stored at the stations. The fuel prices are high in the world. We cannot control it. The government reduces the tax rate on fuel oil. Moreover, it arranges to sell foreign currencies to import fuel. The fuel prices of ASEAN regions are higher than ours. We unload about 60,000 tonnes of fuel at the Thilawa Port Terminal on 15 August. It is about 1.3 million gallons. The country has fuel oil reserves and will receive more oil tankers. The government is working hard for public transport, for comfortable living of the people. — MNA

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