SAC information team leader responds to Kaung for You case

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SAC Information Team Leader Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun.

Q: I would like to ask about the issue of Kaung For You School, which was planned by the NUG terrorist group and said to be teaching online. When the security forces arrested and detained the person in charge of the “Kaung For You” illegal school and his two companions, it is seen that the staff and parents of students are currently being harassed to flee from various places. I would like you to answer the circumstances that will be carried out regarding this matter.
A: Our government has worked hard to open all schools with a free education system. Schools were also opened during the outbreak of COVID-19 and efforts were made to promote the education sector. We all know that the state has planned all that is necessary so that the public can continue to study with the free education system. Textbooks and notebooks and teaching materials were distributed free of charge. At the time of doing this, due to the instigation of the so-called terrorist group NUG, some teachers participated in the CDM campaign. However, the government reinstated the CDM teachers in line with the civil service regulations to ensure that students’ education is not affected. Despite this, some of them have been doing things like online education from the outside until now. When we checked for this, we found that the money was collected. They even threatened the students and parents that they have their information in order to force them to pay even if they couldn’t afford to pay.
Regarding this process, the first thing I would like to say seriously and clearly is that no action will be taken against the students who had to go to school and their parents who had to register because of these incitements and intimidations.
We only pointed to an organization that we caught. A group called Kaung For You collects money from students’ parents. We found out what they do with the collected money when we arrested them in Aungban, southern Shan State. We have also reported the case of the arrest. It was found that the money collected from the parents of the students was paid and used to have fun with women. We have also described this issue with photographs as evidence. This is what the subversive media are writing about them as heroes, and parents and students continue to be incited. What’s worse is that they are inciting that the government will arrest the parents and students. The EAOs who were waiting to take advantage of that got worse. So-called PDF terrorists are also seen inviting them and asking them to take shelter. As for why they are doing this, the number 1 thing is that we have been able to identify what they are doing and prove it with evidence, so they want to redeem themselves. Number two is that they are underpowered. There are breakdowns. After the people found out that they were doing something wrong, the people started to oppose them. This is done to avoid such situations. As for us, we have been readmitting those who have been charged under Section 505, so-called PDF groups, who have not committed any crime. Up to the present situation, we have accepted nearly 250 young people in the PDF group who have not committed any crime and returned them to their parents. The Tatmadaw has firmly guaranteed a multi-party democratic system and a union based on democracy and federalism. Regarding these, there are things that we accept to work together for nation-building. So, if I have to talk about this issue, I would like to say that there is no action to be taken against the parents and students who are being tempted, except for those who are involved in this process, those who are leading it, and the people who are pushing the young people to go down the wrong path in this process. As students and parents, I would like to notify them that their children’s education should be done in the right way.

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