SAC Vice-Chair Dy PM Vice-Senior General Soe Win attends World Food Day 2022

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State Administration Council Vice-Chairman Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win poses for documentary photos with Union Ministers and prize winners at World Food Day 2022 in Nay Pyi Taw on 16 October.

The World Food Day 2022 was marked yesterday morning in the Convocation Hall of Yezin University of Agriculture, with an address by State Administration Council Vice-Chairman Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win.
Speaking at the ceremony, the Vice-Senior General pointed out that food security and having nutritional food are essential to human beings, that the number of people who cannot have enough food is still on the increase across the world, that over 828 million people were faced with food insufficiency in 2021 and that during the past two years the number of those could not have enough food rose to 193 million, up from 135 million.
He then turned to the situation of Myanmar. The Vice-Senior General explained that the agricultural sector is the main driver of national economic growth and development. Although Myanmar has been inflicted with the Covid pandemic like all other countries, the Myanmar government has exerted strenuous effort to ensure food security through the employment of all means available, he said.
The Vice-Senior General attributed success in managing the situation to the farmers and all those involved in the manufacturing process, expressing words of appreciation. He even called the farmers the heroes who ensure food security.
In its endeavour to effectuate national prosperity and food security, the government has directed its effort towards enhancing agricultural production so that no one is left starved irrespective of race, place of living, social status, gender and age.
Concerning the livestock breeding sector, the government has been able to have the meat produced sufficiently. And under the policy of import substitution industrialization, the import of edible oil could have been reduced thanks to the increased production of oil crops. As a consequence, spending in foreign currencies could have been reduced, too. Additionally, the government has focused on boosting cotton production to be able to reduce the import of textile goods.
Plans are also underway to enhance multiple cropping instead of expansion of the cultivation acreage for major crops only. In this regard, the government departments, the cooperative societies and the privately owned companies are making concerted efforts to be able to distribute pedigree seeds at a competitive price.
Additionally, training courses on new agricultural technologies are being conducted in the Nay Pyi Taw Council Area and also in the States and Regions.
In regard to malnutrition, the Five-Year National Nutritional Development Project (2018-2023) is to be implemented collectively by the ministries concerned.
And in the effectuation of national development, it is indispensable for all states and regions to develop equally with no region left behind. In doing so, priority is required to be given to rural development. At this juncture, the government is making an all-out effort to ensure sufficient water supply and also the electric power supply so that the rural people can enjoy the fruits of socio-economic development. And what is more, the revolving funds are being raised to enable the rural people to make investments in agricultural and livestock breeding activities. At this juncture, it is worth recalling that the government has raised a big fund of K400 billion for the rural farmers to be able to implement the Emerald Green Agriculture and Livestock Breeding Projects with an aim of bridging the gap between rural and urban development.
In conclusion, Vice-Senior General Soe Win said that this year’s theme of FAO is, “Leave no one behind. Better Production, Better Nutrition, a Better Environment and a Better Life”. To realize this theme, all will do the utmost, he said.
Afterwards, Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation U Tin Htut Oo explained the ceremony to mark the World Food Day. Next, FAO DG’s World Food Day 2022 Video Message and the World Food Day commemorative video clip were shown.
Next, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Union Ministers from the ministries concerned presented prizes to the winners, and then, they posed for a group photo. Afterwards, the Vice-Senior General and Union ministers went round to observe the documents and the posters which are being exhibited.—MNA

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