Safe Migration warns overseas employment agencies to submit monthly report by email only from 1 January

As from 1 January this year, licensed overseas employment agencies must make the submission of monthly report on sending workers by email only and submission by post is unacceptable, Safe Migration has warned.

Instead of sending hard copy on the process of dispatching workers, authorized overseas recruitment agencies must make the submission of soft copy by email.

Just a sending of email with full documents is needed and a “well received” reply will be sent. Email  must be sent before 3:30 and if it is late, it will be considered next day mail.

Either having monthly report on sending workers or not, or being temporarily suspended, it is required to submit before 5th of the month, warned in November.

Of 30 agencies which failed to submit monthly report in November, 6 were given warning for three times and if they fail again, they must sign an acknowledgement letter and their license will be suspended for a certain period if they fail again, it warned.




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