Salon People’s Spirit Festival to span 3 locations in Taninthayi

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A Salon man catching fish using a traditional way.

Salon People’s traditional Spirit Festival will take place in three places across February and March in Taninthayi Region, according to the Moken Salon Literature and Culture Association in Kyunsu Township.
The ceremonies will take place at Nyaungwhee Island on 11 February, Langan Village on 12 February, and Makyongalat Village on 10 March.
Salon people wish for abundant catches throughout the year and good health during the ceremony under the leadership of shamans. The festival is a cherished tradition passed down through generations.
The indigenous spirits are diverse among the islands. Inhabitants of Don and Meesane islands venerate the Katoi spirit, whereas those from Zadatgyi and Zadatlay islands in Kawthoung Township pray to Lupone.
Katoi is revered as a guardian and benefactor entrusted with the safety and well-being of worshippers. Salon people pray to the spirits, seeking protection throughout dangerous sea voyages.
The Lupone spirit shrine is constructed on the ground with Thingan wood, and its height is low. Its width spans about 25 square feet. The shrines usually have aged iron sheet roofs and plank floors.
Three totem poles within this hallowed sanctuary, their summits wrapped with flowing white sheets. Each pole’s base is adorned with colours, symbolizing the accommodation for spirits.
The village shaman leads residents to the cemetery at 6 pm during the ceremony. The shaman offers chicken and alcoholic beverages to invite the ancestral spirits. The villagers shout the names of their parents and ancestors while dancing.
The festival has traditionally been held at Makyongalat Village, boasting the largest Salon population since immemorial. — TWA/NT

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