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The country’s upper part (Anya), mainly Bagan-NyaungU, is described as the heart of the city of Myanmar people regarding its culture. Therefore, the saying emerges, “Every Myanmar should have visited Bagan.” The people pay visits to the Bagan-NyaungU region. The place offers significant ancient buildings, pagodas, traditions and customs, utensils and local food. Among the foods, Poneyaygyi (horse gram paste) is the most unique local food in Anya.
Anya product
Poneyaygyi, a Myanmar traditional food, is mainly produced in NyaungU Township of Mandalay Region. The product is made of horse gram and supports regional and State economic growth.
Although Poneyaygyi can be made from various beans, people use horse grams mainly. The horse gram is stored in advance after being purchased from Thawuthti and Yedashe Township of Bago Region, in March.
Production processes
First, horse grams are rinsed thoroughly many times. Then, they are put in the boiling water. Although they were boiled in large glazed jars, aluminium pots and large pans, currently, business people boil them in boilers. If so, it takes only two and a half hours. After boiling horse grams, they are grasped separately and kept in boiling water. Depending on the taste (sour, rich taste), the solution is stored for many days. If the solution is cooked using a boiler, it takes about one hour to heat, and the production process takes about two hours. It takes about six hours if people use large glazed jars, aluminium pots and large pans.
The Poneyaygyi is put in a dark room for one day and in a bag after weighing. The packaging processes go with vacuum packaging machines, including sticking labels and making parcels containing five or ten packs or tins. After the packaging stage, they are ready to transport.
There are many Poneyaygyi businesses in NyaungU Township. The Myinnet Poneyaygyi business of U Myo Zaw Naing in Hseywa village of Ngathayauk of NyaungU Township is among these famous Poneyaygyi industries. Although he used large glazed jars, aluminium pots and large pans in traditional ways using firewood in the past, he used boilers in 2016. Using modern equipment can reduce the use of firewood, conserve the environment and save human resources and time. Moreover, using modern machines like boilers, it can produce 500 visses of Poneyaygyi paste per day. But they make depending on the market status, U Zaw Myo Naing, who ran the Myinnet Poneyaygyi industry in 2023, explained.
Health benefits of Poneyaygyi
The Poneyaygyi is made of beans and is rich in protein, vitamins, iron and lecithin. It is suitable for health. The horse gram is a medicinal bean, so Poneyaygyi controls blood sugar and stimulates insulin secretion. Therefore, it can reduce the blood sugar level and risk of diabetes. Moreover, it contains sodium and regular consumption can balance blood pressure and is also suitable for the heart. It is also rich in antioxidants, reducing tiredness and stress. Moreover, it can reduce the risk of premature ageing and chronic diseases.
The fermented horse gram paste can provide protein for the body and is fibre-rich. Therefore, it supports the digestion system and improves gut health. The lower carbohydrate and sugar content also reduces body fat and helps lose weight. Moreover, it contains healthful bacteria to improve the digestion system and stamina.
The horse gram paste industry creates job opportunities for locals. If the industry receives an FDA certificate, it can register at the Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection and accept loans for MSME development provided by the government.
Food manufacturing based on horse gram can meet the market demand in time and support the country’s regional economy and economic growth. If it can reduce the challenges in MSMEs and provide technologies and investments, it can invigorate micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) for the fortification of the export sector, leveraging up the momentum of the thriving economic landscape, mentioned in economic objectives of the country, he added.
Best gift
The Poneyaygyi salad containing onion, garlic, chilli, oil, salt, and fried Poneyaygyi will make a delicious meal. It can be added to pork or chicken curry and can be a curry for vegetarians. Therefore, the people residing in the upper and lower parts of the country are fond of eating Poneyaygyi. Moreover, Poneyaygyi is a sign of upper Anya and the best present for your friends.
Translated by KTZH

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