Sugar mills across the country nearing completion of cane crushing season

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Canes are transported to the mills.

Across the country, there are approximately 500,000 acres of sugarcane plantations, with nearly all sugar mills reported to have completed nearly 100 per cent of sugarcane crushing for this milling season, as stated by U Win Htay, Vice-chairperson of the Myanmar Sugar and Cane Related Products Association (MSCRPA).
The report indicates that Myanmar has 23 sugar mills, with all mills except some mills in northern Shan State and Sagaing Region having completed their cane crushing operations.
U Win Htay remarked, “It can be noted that nearly all sugarcane mills nationwide have completed crushing, except for some mills in northern Shan State and Sagaing Region. It is anticipated that the remaining mills will finish operations by April. Sugarcane prices for this season range between K130,000 and K150,000 per tonne, depending on the opening price rate of the mills. The crushing season spans from December to April.”
The primary regions for sugarcane cultivation are northern and southern Shan State, and the upper part of Sagaing Region. Additionally, sugarcane is also grown in the eastern and western parts of the Bago Region, Yangon Region, and Mandalay Region. — ASH/TMT

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