Security forces maintain riots in accordance with the law across the country


The security forces had to maintain the riots occurred in townships in Myanmar in accordance with the law, according to the statement of the Myanmar Police Force.

According to the statement, while efforts are being made for the stability and security of the country, it has been found that all the above/underground organizations, which accept the one party’s patronage and ignore the truth, are spending much amount of money to make incitements in various parts of the places. Security forces are focusing to minimize injuries during the riot control by using riot gears, sound bombs, tear gas as there were mass protests, blocking public roads and riots in the country.


Security forces have maintained the situation in accordance with the law in the event of riots in some townships on 6 March 2021.

The Statement also said that the public should be careful not to get involved in the protests to prevent the future of their children from being ruined as it is found that young people in less violent areas are being pressured and intimidated with various methods, including rumours to stimulate the emotions of the youth and financial support from behind constantly.—MNA

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